about ray

I want to help people become wildly curious about their bodies in movement.

—Ray Sylvester

I’m a Feldenkrais practitioner and movement enthusiast based in Western Massachusetts. My central movement passion and competency is the Feldenkrais Method, an innovative system that approaches human development and the improvement of function through movement and directed attention. I completed my Feldenkrais training in New York City under David Zemach-Bersin in 2015.

I’ve also studied and experienced a range of additional functional and structural bodywork modalities, including Rolfing, Egoscue, and Z-Health.

I’m a trainer for Exuberant Animal, a health organization that promotes the health and welfare of the long body—the body plus its life-supporting systems of habitat and tribe.

I’m a writer/editor, primarily in the nonfiction realm on the topics of health, wellness, diet, and nutrition. I have a particular interest in the ancestral health movement.

I have a family I adore: my wife, Kristen, and my son, Finn, who keep me both grounded and awed.

Click here to read the story of my movement struggles at a young age—and how the movement practice I developed out of those struggles gave me a richer sense of myself and a deeper trust in the resilience and adaptability of the human organism.