exuberant animal

We are ancient.

Our bodies are literally millions of years old—every detail of our anatomy, physiology, and psychology has been sculpted by vast experience in wild, outdoor environments. We are finely tuned for nature, vigorous physicality, and tribal connection. At our core we are healthy, vibrant, highly intelligent animals.

But today we live in an alien environment, one that challenges every dimension of our experience. This new world offers comfort, opportunity and incredible wonders, but it also causes us stress, lifestyle disease, and for many, pain and unhappiness. Sedentary living, artificial light, social ambiguity, toxic food, and chronic noise take an enormous toll.

Our bodies are suffering, our planet is in peril, and we feel lost. We’re searching for a healthier and more meaningful way to live.

Exuberant Animal offers a uniquely integrative perspective on the human predicament, a new old way of living in the modern world.

An Immersive, Unparalleled Training Experience

Exuberant Animal training is firmly grounded in biology and evolutionary science, and offers a powerful experiential approach that helps people improve their health, their performance and the quality of their lives. Exuberant Animal training extends well beyond the scope of conventional fitness practice—its focus is on the “long body“: the body + habitat + tribe.


Author and creator Frank Forencich will guide you through a unique training experience that’s transformational, inspirational, and intensely meaningful. You’ll learn how to improve your health, navigate the challenges of our alien environment, and make peace with the modern world.


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Pictures: Exuberant Animal, Travis Janeway