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How to Make Friends with the Floor Again

Standing up from a seated position on the floor.

It’s simple in theory, but in practice… sometimes not so straightforward.

But hang on. Maybe even in theory it’s not so simple.

Getting up from and back down to the floor is, after all, a skill. And it’s a skill that’s easy to lose when we don’t practice it, and instead sit all day in chairs.

In fact, take a moment now to get down on the floor, then notice how it feels to get up.

Was it pretty effortless? Were you breathing freely and easily?

Or did you have to “muscle up” a little (or a lot), while you held your breath and gritted your teeth, and your knees and hips croaked and creaked at you?

A little creativity can go a long way…

…in eliminating the struggle of getting up from the floor.

That’s what the video below is all about.

In this video, I give you three strategies you can use to get up from the floor, in whatever starting position you find yourself in, whether it’s cross-legged, side-lying, or kneeling.

We’ll explore some ways you can make getting up from the floor easier and more fluid, with less effort and stress on your joints.

This video is for you if you find it difficult to get up from the floor, if it’s painful or requires a lot of effort—or if you’re not even sure how you would get up if you found yourself down there.

By the way, these strategies also work for getting up from a chair, a rock, or anywhere else you might find yourself planted.

But the floor is just more fun, so I hope this video helps you make friends with it again.

Check it out, and let me know how you do.